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Car Body Restoration

Look your best on the road with the professional bodywork from Eastwood Auto Body Ltd. Our esteemed roster of auto restoration specialists has everything it takes to leave the exterior of your vehicle looking as good as new. We use advanced tools and the best materials to restore your auto body, so you can feel confident that all of our work is high-quality and made to last. To speak with an expert and schedule your service appointment, give us a call today at (780) 471-2256.

Auto Body Restoration for Classic Cars

A classic car is a great investment and a real dream for many car lovers out there. These cars can be great, but often need a lot of work. If you're working full time or simply don't have the time to invest in this one-of-a-kind vehicle, you can trust us. Our team of expert body shop technicians can service your classic car and make the necessary changes and repairs to get it running and looking like new.

Whether you have a classic car or a recent one that's in need of some upgrades or TLC, contact our team today.

Free Estimates on Car Body Repair

From minor dings and dents to full collision repair—no job is too big or too small for our qualified team of experts. We possess the knowledge and the resources to repair a wide range of vehicles of all makes and models. Not only that, but we are so confident in our abilities that we have no problem giving you all of the information on your job before you decide to work with us. We have nothing to hide, and our transparent approach has helped many of our customers feel like they made the right decision to hire us for their bodywork.

Quick Turnarounds on Auto Body Restoration

Do you have an old, rusty vehicle that has seen better days? Maybe you've been meaning to restore it, but just haven't gotten around to it? Whatever the reason is that you are searching for a body shop, Eastwood Auto Body Ltd is here to make it a hassle-free process, thanks to our swift work. Our refined, systematic process allows us to expertly identify all the work that needs to be done on your vehicle and then carry it out with maximum efficiency. You'll never be waiting for long when you trust us, so bring your car in today for fast and friendly service.

Add Resell Value with Automotive Body Restoration

You'll often hear people say that cars only depreciate in value. While for the average person that may be true, a car's value can appreciate when the proper upgrades and changes are made. You can fix both the interior and exterior of your car and resell it for a profit when you work with our team of experts. Eastwood Auto Body Ltd will make sure you turn a profit on your car with our high-quality parts, expert auto body technicians, and commitment to quality work and service.

Trustworthy Auto Body Restoration

Even the biggest car enthusiasts need some help from time to time. If you want to revive your classic car but aren't quite sure where to start, we will be more than happy to help. With years of experience and many successful restoration projects under our belts, we are a top-notch resource when you need an expert on auto body restoration.

Comprehensive Auto Body Services

When it comes to extensive car body restoration jobs, just knowing how to remove a dent isn't going to cut it. This is when working with Eastwood Auto Body Ltd really shows its value. We provide all the work necessary to fully restore your vehicle's exterior and make it look like it just drove out of the factory. You can count on us for any of the following work:

Auto Restoration Paint You'll Love

Whether you're looking to repaint your car or add some finer details, the team at Eastwood Auto Body Ltd can help with your car paint restoration needs. Restoring your car may seem like a long waiting process, but it's also an opportunity to improve your vehicle and add value. A new paint job adds curb appeal to your car, and a more creative paint job could also add value. Our team can add graphics and decals to your car, either personalizing it or adding extra touches for resell value. When you work with our team, you're guaranteed to fall in love with your car all over again.

Call us at (780) 471-2256 so we can start working on your car's paint job.

Get a Great Rate on Your Body Work

Restoring your vehicle's body doesn't need to come with a steep price tag when you come to us. As auto enthusiasts ourselves, we take pride in helping all of our clients look their best on the road without overcharging them. If you have been putting off the restoration of your vehicle, we encourage you to get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

Experts in Auto Body Restoration

Car body restoration can be an involved and sometimes complex project, but it is often a really good alternative to purchasing new expensive car parts or getting a new car altogether. Depending on the scope of the work required, our experienced and qualified mechanics will be able to offer their advice and suggestions on the best options available to you according to your unique situation. If we feel that car body restoration will end up being more expensive than other options, we will not hesitate to tell you so.

Car body restoration is usually performed on vehicles that have been involved in an accident or that present serious damage from rust and other environmental related factors. In restoring the body of your vehicle, our mechanics will first ascertain what needs to be done and then present you with a suggested work order. This work order can be modified as needed to fit your needs, but we will ensure that you understand exactly why we suggest every one of the procedures we have recommended so that you can make an educated decision as far as just how much or how little work you would like us to perform.

When You Work with Our Auto Body Team, You Work with the Best

Our team always delivers on quality, efficiency, and service. We're just as passionate about cars as we are about people, which is why we're committed to quality service all around. When you choose Eastwood Auto Body Ltd you're choosing a business that will put you and your car first.

Working with us, you can expect:

Call us today so we can start working on your next car project. Our auto body restoration services are top of the line, but our client relationships always come first.

Competitive Prices for our Automotive Body Restoration Services

No matter what services we're performing on your car, you can trust Eastwood Auto Body Ltd to give you the best rates possible. We offer premium auto body restoration services at competitive prices, so we can service your vehicle without breaking the bank. Investing in your vehicle has never been so cost-effective.

Contact us by calling (780) 471-2256 or filling out our online form. You won't regret getting started.

Fast Auto Body Restoration Services You'll Love

Since car body restoration work can sometimes take a little longer than your average maintenance appointment, we are happy to provide you with a loaner vehicle while we work on yours. The last thing we want is for you to be unable to travel to work or the supermarket while your car is being serviced. After all, our goal is to help get you back on the road quickly, not to keep you off it!

Automotive Body Restoration You Can Count On

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Whatever your car body restoration needs, if you are located in the greater Edmonton area, Eastwood Auto Body Ltd can help. We will even take it upon ourselves to inspect your vehicle free of charge, and offer you a free and detailed estimate and work order. We stand by our work, and are dedicated to making your experience with us one you will not soon forget.


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